Monday, January 25, 2010

Biofeedback leads to being successful business owner

The other day I went for Biofeedback Therapy. I got a run down on the physical side of things in my body and also my emotional side. I was so impressed with this form of non-invasive therapy. The Scio machine was used during my treatment. This device was created by Professor William Nelson to combine holistic medicine and advanced quantum technology. It works by reducing the stresses in our body at the electro-mangnetic level caused by food, toxins, environment, genetics and lifestyle. It then feeds back the appropriate electro-magnetics. Biofeedback measures your body functions such as the activity of brain waves, blood pressure, heart rate, etc and this gets conveyed back to you via a computer. There are different things that cause our bodies stress, e.g.:
  • Food sensitivity
  • fungi & parasites
  • inadequate nutrition
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • toxins
  • trauma
  • environmental pollutants

So when our bodies get ill, a signal is sent through electromagnetic waves. These damaging frequencies are stored in our cells for a long time before there is any physical symptom. Our bodies are controlled by an energy field. Everything we do is accompanyied by an electrical activity in the nervous system. These electrical activities register a specific frequency and every cell in our bodies operate at a certain frequency. Every persons body frequency is unique. When any stress enters our body, it produces erratic vibrations, which leads to disharmony between the cells, which leads to injury and then disease. Doctors diagnose the disease and treat the symptom, this does not cure the condition but blocks the symptom. We need to know the cause of the symptom and this is what Biofeedback does for one.

Even in terms of being a successful business owner, biofeedback is able to identify your behavioural patterns whether good or bad. If it has a detrimental effect on your body, this therapy is able to correct the bad behavioural pattern. In turn, you are able to make better decisions, having a positive affect on your business.

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